➜ /home/b404 >cd /etc/
➜ /etc >cat services 
# Network services, Internet style
# Note that it is presently the policy of IANA to assign a single well-known
# port number for both TCP and UDP; hence, officially ports have two entries
# even if the protocol doesn't support UDP operations.
# Updated from http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers and other
# sources like http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/src/etc/services .
# New ports will be added on request if they have been officially assigned
# by IANA and used in the real-world or are needed by a debian package.
# If you need a huge list of used numbers please install the nmap package.

tcpmux      1/tcp               # TCP port service multiplexer
echo        7/tcp
echo        7/udp
discard     9/tcp       sink null
discard     9/udp       sink null
systat      11/tcp      users
daytime     13/tcp
daytime     13/udp
netstat     15/tcp
qotd        17/tcp      quote
msp     18/tcp              # message send protocol
msp     18/udp
chargen     19/tcp      ttytst source
chargen     19/udp      ttytst source
ftp-data    20/tcp
ftp     21/tcp
fsp     21/udp      fspd
ssh     22/tcp              # SSH Remote Login Protocol
ssh     22/udp
telnet      23/tcp
smtp        25/tcp      mail
time        37/tcp      timserver
time        37/udp      timserver
rlp     39/udp      resource    # resource location
nameserver  42/tcp      name        # IEN 116
whois       43/tcp      nicname
tacacs      49/tcp              # Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
tacacs      49/udp
re-mail-ck  50/tcp              # Remote Mail Checking Protocol
re-mail-ck  50/udp
domain      53/tcp              # Domain Name Server
domain      53/udp
mtp     57/tcp              # deprecated
tacacs-ds   65/tcp              # TACACS-Database Service
tacacs-ds   65/udp
bootps      67/tcp              # BOOTP server
bootps      67/udp
bootpc      68/tcp              # BOOTP client
bootpc      68/udp
tftp        69/udp
gopher      70/tcp              # Internet Gopher
gopher      70/udp
rje     77/tcp      netrjs
finger      79/tcp
http        80/tcp      www     # WorldWideWeb HTTP
http        80/udp              # HyperText Transfer Protocol
link        87/tcp      ttylink
kerberos    88/tcp      kerberos5 krb5 kerberos-sec # Kerberos v5
kerberos    88/udp      kerberos5 krb5 kerberos-sec # Kerberos v5
supdup      95/tcp
hostnames   101/tcp     hostname    # usually from sri-nic
iso-tsap    102/tcp     tsap        # part of ISODE
acr-nema    104/tcp     dicom       # Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
acr-nema    104/udp     dicom
csnet-ns    105/tcp     cso-ns      # also used by CSO name server
csnet-ns    105/udp     cso-ns
rtelnet     107/tcp             # Remote Telnet
rtelnet     107/udp
pop2        109/tcp     postoffice pop-2 # POP version 2
pop2        109/udp     pop-2
pop3        110/tcp     pop-3       # POP version 3
pop3        110/udp     pop-3
sunrpc      111/tcp     portmapper  # RPC 4.0 portmapper
sunrpc      111/udp     portmapper
auth        113/tcp     authentication tap ident
sftp        115/tcp
uucp-path   117/tcp
nntp        119/tcp     readnews untp   # USENET News Transfer Protocol
ntp     123/tcp
ntp     123/udp             # Network Time Protocol
pwdgen      129/tcp             # PWDGEN service
pwdgen      129/udp
loc-srv     135/tcp     epmap       # Location Service
loc-srv     135/udp     epmap
netbios-ns  137/tcp             # NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-ns  137/udp
netbios-dgm 138/tcp             # NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-dgm 138/udp
netbios-ssn 139/tcp             # NETBIOS session service
netbios-ssn 139/udp
imap2       143/tcp     imap        # Interim Mail Access P 2 and 4
imap2       143/udp     imap
snmp        161/tcp             # Simple Net Mgmt Protocol
snmp        161/udp
snmp-trap   162/tcp     snmptrap    # Traps for SNMP
snmp-trap   162/udp     snmptrap
cmip-man    163/tcp             # ISO mgmt over IP (CMOT)
cmip-man    163/udp
cmip-agent  164/tcp
cmip-agent  164/udp
mailq       174/tcp         # Mailer transport queue for Zmailer
mailq       174/udp
xdmcp       177/tcp             # X Display Mgr. Control Proto
xdmcp       177/udp
nextstep    178/tcp     NeXTStep NextStep   # NeXTStep window
nextstep    178/udp     NeXTStep NextStep   #  server
bgp     179/tcp             # Border Gateway Protocol
bgp     179/udp

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